Upon exiting the full-time Reno/Tahoe casino lounge circuit in June of 1999,

I found myself working the freelance scene and the predominance of gigs that came my way were playing Jazz. When the gigs started coming in as a bandleader, I needed a name for my band!

That's when i remembered

It was the name of my Jazz group while I was attending the University of New Mexico in the late 1970's...the original quintet lasted just a few short years...

BUT...it also represents my approach to playing Jazz!

Being the truly spontaneous art form that jazz is and due to the fact that most freelance musicians work with many different bandleaders as a matter of course, I found that my gigs became a constantly changing mix of the area's finest players when my core players weren't available!

Which means that no matter who's playing the gig...they have to get the song on the


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