Camp Gallavant


Camp Gallavant was created for Burning Man 2002 to harbor the Pirates Of The Playa and our Mutant Vehicle, the USS Nevada.

Since our inception, the Camp, as well as our legend, has continued to grow and evolve into the well known destination it’s become for all BRC denizens to enjoy!

     More history to come as I have the time to add and update this page!

Camp Gallavant was Placed in BRC 2014.

at 2:45 & E St 

next to 

the NEW Morris Hotel Project Camp 

(Inspiration Moasis),

who were Placed at 2:45 & F St.

Risa was Placed at 3:15 & E.

NW Mist was Placed in the 3:00 Portal again.

The Gallavant Goddesses & their Lost Boys, 

as well as Lenny Camp, did not host their own Camps last year 

and were assimilated into Camp Gallavant.

The Goddess Market was again located in 

Camp Gallavant and was managed by

St Peter & the Goddess Mother.

The (Lenny Camp) Lighthouse 

was also moved into Camp Gallavant 

and Dr Bob hung out his shingle in Camp Gallavant 

to perform his amazing 

“Auditory Massage Therapy” 

for our guests!

c u in BRC 2015...!

“In Dust We Trust!”

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This page was updated on 4/22/15!

Camp Gallavant layout 2015